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The Dime's  "Can't Look Away"

Halloween art exhibit is the perfect opportunity to showcase your most haunting creations.

We're looking for artists  to submit their most bone-chilling, hair-raising monstrosities for a chance to be featured in our gallery.

Don't miss out on this spine-tingling opportunity to show off your skills and scare the pants off our visitors!


Delivery of Art-

 10/21/23     10:00am-3:00pm

Opening Reception:

10/28/23    7:00pm-9:00pm

Show runs-

10/28/23  11/10/23

Artwork Pickup-



  • All artwork must be ready to hang for installation.

  • No fine art prints or copies permitted.

  • Artists may submit up to 3 works.

  • Artwork previously exhibited at the Dime not eligible.

  • Works on paper must be framed under glass and ready to hang.

  • Framed artwork must have screw eyes or D-rings with hanging wire appropriate to the size and weight of the artwork.

  • It is optional to have the work for sale, please indicate work which is not for sale with NFS. The Dime will retain a 25%  sales commission on sold work.

  • Please clearly label on back (bottom) of each submission with the artists name, medium, price, and title of work. 

  • Any Digital Work must be come ready with any necessary media player or presentable materials.

  • 3 dimensional work must be stable and presentable. Any unstable or fragile sculptures will not be accepted.

  • No single dimension (side) of work may exceed 42”. 

  • Entries which do not fall within the scope of the theme or are deemed inappropriate will be declined.

  • Entries that do not adhere to guidelines will not be judged.

  • Please contact Michael Kane with any questions,

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Thanks for supporting the Arts!

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